August 23, 2012

August's Trailer Food Tuesdays: Back to School!

Welcome back to school everyone! Wouldn't it be fun to take some back to school pictures at the food truck court with the city skyline in the background?  Bring the kids and a picnic blanket to have a fun dinner Austin-style.

Join us next Tuesday, August 28th from 5p-10p (that's right, you'll get an extra hour to eat) at the Long Center for Performing Arts at this month's Trailer Food Tuesdays in Austin, Texas.  We will have a mixture of music from local DJ's to live music piped into the courtyard.  Check back for updates with menus, follow us at @trailerfoodtues and find our page on Facebook.

This month features a fresh variety of some of Austin's favorite food trucks:

Meet Levi to the top left, pitmaster and owner of Woodpile BBQ. Barbecue runs deep in his veins: he grew up on a cattle ranch in Driftwood, about 20 miles southwest of Austin, TX.

Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles, Bahn Bahn, and Kebabalicious will bring a variety of eats and treats from their menus, so get ready to try some fried chicken, kebabs and sandwiches.

Chi'LantroDock and Roll Diner, The Peached Tortilla, and The Seedling Truck will also be joining us this month.  

You'll get to eat some Little Fattys at this month's TFT. The mother-in-law/son-in-law team of Chela Stoklosa and Chris Williamson blend traditional family recipes with bold, international fillings to create deep-fried corn gorditas that are anything but conventional.

We are also very excited about the Loveballs Bus making an appearance.
Owned and operated by Gabe and Sao Rothschild, the idea for the bus first arose when they moved to Austin from Japan and started eating at all the food trucks and trailers around town.  But something was missing....Takoyaki!  Gabe and Sao had been making Takoyaki at home in Japan and wanted to bring this treat to all Austinites!  After getting married in the fall of 2010 they decided to make it happen and Love Balls was born and officially open in March of 2011.  So what are Takoyaki?  Classically speaking they're pan fried pancake balls filled with chunks of octopus, pickled ginger, and scallions then topped with a savory Japanese brown sauce, Kewpie mayo, aonori, and bonito flakes!  

Interested in vending? Apply online at: 

August 2, 2012


Healthy chocolate super tonics and treats are the niche focus of what Austin-based food trailer ChocoSutra is serving up at their permanent location in the Jessie Street Eats food court (415 Jessie St.).  Business partners Richard Kreuzburg & Delia "Snoopy" Storey have a passion for making chocolate products that will change the way you think about indulgence.  Chocolate that makes me pretty and helps me focus? Yes please.

Photos courtesy of ChocoSutra

Let me entice you further with their description: “ChocoSutra heralds as a combination of ancient herbalism and a modern confectionary. Utilizing some of the most powerful herbs and the essential oils of herbs used for healing and health maintenance, in conjunction with raw organic cacao, we create elixirs and bite size morsels (chocolate bars, truffles, cookies, etc…) so packed with nutrition that the idea of indulging on chocolate again can have a positive connotation. The idea is to upgrade the common drink of hot chocolate or hot cocoa to a super tonic elixir so dense with nutritive qualities that it actually enhances the physical and mental state of the consumer while at the same time making it taste delicious enough to be called the best hot ‘chocolate’ ever.”

How is ChocoSutra good for you?  "Chocolate is really high magnesium, which is a major deficiency in the modern western diet.  It's great for your heart," shares Richard.  Their power ingredients also include tocotrienols, which supply you with vitamin E (skin), and vitamin B complex (energy).  Also for energy, nutrition enthusiasts will appreciate the incorporation of energy herb Ashwaganda.  ChocoSutra's cacao and coconut oil are organic, and they use a wide blend of therapeutic grade essential oils: peppermint, lavender, rose, cimmamon, clove, nutmeg, allspice, tangerine, cardamom.  "We use mushrooms like reishi and chago because of their immune support," explains Richard.

Richard and Snoopy met at a Thanksgiving party. She comes from a nutritional background having worked with a local nutritional research company alongside her husband, while Richard comes from a culinary background, having gone through culinary school in Austin and worked for a lot of fine dining establishments.  "I had the concept and was looking for backing - she had a similar concept with herbal tea tonics but it didn't involve chocolate. We fused the ideas together and it worked pretty well," says Richard.  They opened the their trailer in February of 2012 and are available for private events and catering social functions.  Think chocolate tastings, maybe even chocolate dance parties - chocolate is fun.  Follow them on twitter: @chocosutra