May 18, 2012

All Star Trailer Chefs + Trailer Food Traveling

I'm off to Taos, Crested Butte, Florida and Yellowstone over the next several weeks and I'm on the lookout for some of our country's best food trucks for my next cookbook.  I have had a few recommendations, but please tweet at me if you have some you think I should try @trailerfood.  While I'm en route, I wanted to leave a few links up highlighting some of the Austin trailer food all star chefs in previous articles:

May 9, 2012

North Austin welcomes the NATY

North Austin has previously not been a part of the traditionally South and East Austin food trailer parks.  But as of this Saturday, the NATY (North Austin Trailer Yard) changes all of that.

The NATY Grand Opening Party
Saturday May 12th: 1p-9p
1012 W.  Anderson Ln. (78757)

The NATY offers diverse foods in a trailer park setting.  You can try a little of everything and check out the full story on Culture Map:

May 1, 2012

BikeCaffe Austin

Conveniently located in downtown Austin at 816 Congress Avenue, the BikeCaffe is a beautifully crafted bike trailer that serves responsibly roasted coffees and teas.  "We love that coffee is a luxury item that most people can afford.  We love helping people enjoy that part of the day," says owner Jerry Strickland as he's telling me about their beans and leaves.  "Our roaster goes to el Salvador and has a relationship with growers and communities," he continues.  BikeCaffe is savvy about real world complications that their partnering communities endure on a daily basis.  "That cup of coffee has an impact on the part of the world where it came from; it's easy to not think about that.  Being involved in fair trade coffee, we need to make sure what we are doing is benefitting the community."  That's why Jerry and wife Lara are putting together a bike donation program to help the farmers who are carrying the beans long distances.

The bike itself was made in Boulder, Colorado and the name is a nod to their Italian heritage.  They have a full commercial espresso machine built in Italy and they use an old Italian method for pulling the espresso that is likened to a Guinness pour.  Having been to Italy, the couple loves the culture and history there and the coffee they say, is one of the best parts. Local pastries from Quacks bakery gives vegans and non-vegans alike yummy breakfast snack options to accompany their latte.  My personal favorite was the honey vanilla chai.  BikeCaffe Austin is open Monday-Friday from 7:30a-1p on the corner of 9th and Congress.  Jerry reminds you, "Coffee is a great common denominator."  So grab a friend and stop by for an al fresco cup of feel-good joe and tell them Trailer Food Diaries sent ya!