September 26, 2010

Recipe: East Side King's Thai Chicken Karaage

A destination trailer for Asian food aficionados, East Side King shares their Thai Chicken Karaage recipe with those equally adventurous in the kitchen to attempt a re-creation. Enjoy!

East Side King's Thai Chicken Karaage
Serves 4-6

3 lbs Chicken legs - Boned and cut into large bite size chunks
8 oz Thai Chicken Sauce (recipe follows)
4 oz white onion – Sliced thinly
2 oz Jalapeno – Sliced into thin rounds
3 oz Cilantro – Picked and washed
1.5 oz Mint – Picked and washed
1.5 oz Thai Basil – Picked and washed
2 C Corn Starch
4 cups Vegetable Oil
Method: Lightly toss the cut chicken in the corn starch, until each piece is evenly coated and there are no moist spots.  Preheat your oil to 375.   Fry chicken until golden brown and cooked throughout.   Move the hot chicken to a large bowl, add the onions, jalapeno, and herbs, and add the sauce.   Toss gently in Thai Chicken Sauce, and be sure to coat all the pieces well. Transfer to a serving dish, top with Sweet Chili Sauce, and enjoy!

Thai Chicken Sauce
4 oz Water
4 oz White Vinegar
4 oz White Sugar
1 oz Sweet Chili Sauce
2 oz Fish Sauce
1.5 oz garlic/thai chili – minced
Method: Combine in a bowl and whisk until all ingredients are fully incorporated.

Sweet Chili Sauce:
4 oz White Vinegar
2 oz White Sugar
1 oz Chili flakes
Method: In a small sauce pot combine the vinegar and sugar.   Allow the mixture to come to a boil without stirring.   Add the chilli flakes and stir.