January 29, 2011

Love is in the Hair

My friends at social ding are hosting a Valentine-centric pub-crawl in the West 6th area on February 12th that promises weird-Austin-fun for participants while providing amusement for unsuspecting spectators. 

"Love is in the Hair" is featuring specials not only for wig-wearers at prominent bars, but also at three of my favorite food trailers in one of my favorite neighborhoods: Colibri Cuisine,  One Taco, and the Peached Tortilla.  Here are the deals:


Colibri Cuisine, with Anthony Alaniz and his soon-to-be-bride Candy, will be delivering love via Mexian food on W. 6th and Nueces across the street from Little Woodrows:

- "4, 3, 2, Love": $4 Chicken Chipotle Quesadillas, $3 Taco-dillas, $2 Love Cider
- "Ménage à Trois" combo: $9 for any 3 tacos & any drink

One Taco
One Taco is dishing up the love, taco style just outside of Little Woodrow's on W. 6th & Nueces:

- "Love is in the Taco" combo: $4.25 for two new tacos made for this event
- "15% off" everything else on the menu

Eric at the Peached Tortilla just behind Star Bar is offering his Asian/Southern food fusionary blend:

- "$7 any two sliders and Belgian fries" - enough said

the Peached Tortilla
While the trailers are always center stage in my blog, I'll also mention the event-wide drink specials include $2 domestics and $3 wells (21 and up, y'all).  Check out the website for bar-specific potions.  And I hear Lucy's on South Congress is offering 15% off wig rentals with your ticket stubb - so get your wig on and get down to this fun event from 4p-9p on February 12th.

You can RSVP  at the facebook event page and when you buy tickets here, enter "Trailer Food Diaries" in the code to get your tickets at $10/head ($5 off the ticket price). 

January 24, 2011

The morning Joe, and Mark

This morning, I got up a little early to meet local realtor Mark Strub for a cup of coffee.  Facebook friends with similar enterprising efforts, we sat to chat in the brisk morning under the vogue awnings at la Boite where Victoria herself was there brewing and brainstorming about cycling routes.  He, with his small black coffee and me with my super-big-fancy-favorite chocolate-vanilla latte took some morning moments to discuss our mutual interests in philanthropic endeavors to see if we could brainstorm up something wonderful.  (I'd order that coffee with sprinkles and glitter if possible.)

Mark asked me about involving some of the trailer vendors in the New Wave Ball fund raiser for the Austin Children's Shelter for next year.  The Austin Children's Shelter, like me, was born here in a small house in the 80's.... and to remain congruent in eras, the 'ball' is an 80's theme party complete with dance and costume contests judged by local celebrity judges.  "Mark" your calendars for Friday, February 25th at the Parish from 8p-midnight - $20 for the kiddies and a fun party is a no brainer.

We also talked about his first sawnky trailer that he wanted to convert into a mobile food vending business....I *think our conversation may have inspired him to find the old treasure and see what might be in store for his entrepreneurial spirit.  I had some good news to report within Trailer Food Diaries (TM) as well.  TFD is in the process of pricing out the cookbook (coming to you this Fall!), as well as finishing filming the trailer for our TV show (hopefully this Fall as well!).  We are sponsoring a trailer food crawl for Lucky J's during SXSW, among other fund raising efforts scheduled throughout 2011 for good people doing good things here in Austin. 

My cup of Joe with Mark was a great start to this weeks worth of eating and talking at the trailers.  If you need some ideas on where to go for your next lunch meeting, check out some trailer parks.  For example, Torchy's Tacos is now offering their event barn for meeting space or parties (what what).  If you need some one-off ideas, please search my blog or make comments for suggestions.  I love hearing from you and knowing that you're voting with your dollars by supporting local businesses while simultaneously supporting the slow food movement. 

January 12, 2011

preparing for SXSW - local musician supporting local trailers

Today I had lunch with Ben Brown of No Show Ponies at Conscious Cravings in the Longhorn food court. Very fun to dine with a local musician supporting local trailer vendors out on one of the coldest days Austin has seen this winter. Ben tried a spicy pan seared tofu wrap with chipotle mayo while I opted for the chimichurri wrap with vegan Daiya cheese. The rosemary baked fries and blueberry lemonade were pretty. delicious. Trailer-owner Rishi came out and shared that he may be in the market for an egg-roll cart to be able to provide students on campus with his hot wraps (all $5). Even though he is in the Longhorn Food Court (MLK/Rio Grande) trailer park, the students want him a little bit closer and more convenient. So – the egg roll cart seems to be a great solution. Next time I’m there, I’m going to try the black bean slider (also served on chimichurri sauce) or the spicy chickpea wrap which is simmered in Indian spices.

Also currently in the Longhorn food court are: Salt Lick BBQ trailer, Lee’s Hurricane Party (gumbo, catfish, etc.), and Hero’s frozen treats. While we were visiting, Lee let us know there may be sounds of SXSW right there at the park – stay tuned for updates. He also had fellow trailer owner Amber Glowski of Powdered Sugar lending a hand. Don’t let the temporary road construction stop you from going, there is plenty of parking and four diverse food options to try. Other vegetarian trailers in Austin include two vegan options: Iggi’s Texatarian for a vegan take on southern comfort (1104 E. 6th St. 78702) and Counter Culture (120 East North Loop 78751).

Stay tuned for next articles including information on the trailer crawl to benefit lucky j’s during SXSW (email tiffany@trailerfooddiaries.com if you’re interested in participating) and check out Ben’s music at http://www.noshowponies.com/ -

January 3, 2011

Trailer thievery

photos by JTpics.com / edited by Sam Crutsinger

I got a call from the Wall Street Journal this afternoon inquiring about the recent thefts within trailer food land here in Austin.  Although we concluded the story wasn't quite thick enough to warrant alerting mass hyper-focus on security and safety issues at this stage, I do feel it is blog-worthy for a few reasons.   My first reaction was simply: Really?  Someone's going to steal a tricked out, highly branded, very obvious trailer and do what with it?  Gut the kitchen equipment and hope to sell it on craigslist real quick (?)... and then do what with the blatant trailer who's owners are there 18 hrs a day anyways and will discover soon enough that their entire livelihood is missing. It doesn't make a lot of sense and it's just down right mean.  We don't do mean here in Austin, so this topic got my blood boiling a little bit.  Periodic cutting of power cords for their valuable copper wiring, and patrons running off with tip jars have been reported in the past but nothing like the shameful trailer thievery that went down over the Christmas break.

The basics: Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles' 12 x 8 ft red and black trailer was stolen on Christmas day after thieves cut through several chains on E. 6th and Waller.  The suspect turned himself in and his bond was set at $7,500 with charges of theft by possession.  Jason picked his trailer up on January 3rd.  Hook'Em Up Tacos near 2222 and 620 had the same maddening experience with no positive outcome as of yet.  Barry's trailer, built from scratch, was bolted down prior to theives stealing his business.  I hear the Baltimore Ballers' 12 volt snow wizard ice shaver was stolen on December 29th from their E. 6th and Waller location as well. 

If you have information and/or opinions regarding security and safety of the trailer food businesses, please share.