January 3, 2011

Trailer thievery

photos by JTpics.com / edited by Sam Crutsinger

I got a call from the Wall Street Journal this afternoon inquiring about the recent thefts within trailer food land here in Austin.  Although we concluded the story wasn't quite thick enough to warrant alerting mass hyper-focus on security and safety issues at this stage, I do feel it is blog-worthy for a few reasons.   My first reaction was simply: Really?  Someone's going to steal a tricked out, highly branded, very obvious trailer and do what with it?  Gut the kitchen equipment and hope to sell it on craigslist real quick (?)... and then do what with the blatant trailer who's owners are there 18 hrs a day anyways and will discover soon enough that their entire livelihood is missing. It doesn't make a lot of sense and it's just down right mean.  We don't do mean here in Austin, so this topic got my blood boiling a little bit.  Periodic cutting of power cords for their valuable copper wiring, and patrons running off with tip jars have been reported in the past but nothing like the shameful trailer thievery that went down over the Christmas break.

The basics: Lucky J's Chicken and Waffles' 12 x 8 ft red and black trailer was stolen on Christmas day after thieves cut through several chains on E. 6th and Waller.  The suspect turned himself in and his bond was set at $7,500 with charges of theft by possession.  Jason picked his trailer up on January 3rd.  Hook'Em Up Tacos near 2222 and 620 had the same maddening experience with no positive outcome as of yet.  Barry's trailer, built from scratch, was bolted down prior to theives stealing his business.  I hear the Baltimore Ballers' 12 volt snow wizard ice shaver was stolen on December 29th from their E. 6th and Waller location as well. 

If you have information and/or opinions regarding security and safety of the trailer food businesses, please share.