April 14, 2010

La Boite Cafe

location: 1700 South Lamar Blvd 
hours: seven days a week, 7:30am - 4:30pm(ish) weekdaydays, 9am - 5pm(ish) weekends 
web: www.laboitecafe.com
cuisine: coffee, croissants, french-style sandwiches, tarts and baked goods (organic, local)

La Boite Cafe is nestled on the grassy hillside of the 1700 South Lamar shopping area.  I spoke with the charming and witty Victoria with her New Zealand accent as she was taking out a simmering tray of bacon from the oven.  She and her partner Dan met in Austin and started working on the La Boite concept in the beginning of 09 as an escape from the corporate life.  Their repurposed container is a walk-in, rather than walk-up trailer that earns high credibility with the environmentally concerned.  Their rainwater collection/purification system is quite unique as well.  Their menu has a bistro feel with multiple items from our local Austin farmers' markets including Pederson, Richardson, and Full Quiver Farms.  We suggest a croissant or macaroon for breakfast or a fresh, locally-made sandwich for lunch.

When I asked Victoria what inspires her, she said 'good food and travel.'  Her favorite part about the business is meeting people and staying involved in the foodie community.  For new vendors, she encourages you to work with the city through all of the intricate processes.  Her customers include poodles, kitties, and other regulars whom she is flattered to have eat at her establishment.  A true lover of fine cuisine, she suggests Odd Duck or G'Raj Mahal for other trailers outside of her own.  If you want her macaroon or bacon/egg tart recipe you're going to have to read our book.  Go visit Victoria at La Boite and tell her the Trailer Food Diaries sent you.