July 8, 2010

Hero's Frozen Treats

- Location:  Longhorn Food Court - 1901 Rio Grande. St. - @Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
- Hours: Tuesday -Saturday: 11:30 AM - 7 PM
- Telephone: 512-961-3372

- Website: www.herosfrozentreats.com / Facebook: Hero's Frozen Treats / Twitter: HerosAustin
- Cuisine: Dessert - Frozen Yogurt
Although Dustin McMillian’s “Hero’s” shaved ice trailer is super-hero themed, the business is actually named after his Town Lake Animal Shelter adoptee, Hero.  Half Rottie, half hound, she doesn’t come to work with Dad because of the health food regulations, but Dustin serves free dog treats for his canine visitors.  With a background in online marketing, Dustin’s creativity is evident in multiple aspects of his business.  From the name of the size of the cones (small for a ‘villain’, medium for a ‘hero’, and large for a ‘super-hero’) to the quirky board outside with daily Chuck Norris factoids the Hero stand is ripe with eclectic humor that Austinites of all varieties appreciate.

The frozen zombie is a crowd pleaser with shaved ice as fine as snow on top of a frozen yogurt.  You can select flavors for both.  The best selling shaved ice is the Tiger’s Blood, which is a combination of berries and coconut.  When you walk up to place your order, you can hear a mix of indy rock and Dustin’s current favorites playing off of Pandora: Bowling for Soup, Japan Joy, Against Me, What Made Milwaukee Famous, and of course the Foo Fighters ‘Hero’ is on a constant loop.

Dustin got his start in the trailer food business after being laid off from different websites he was working on, which was common given the current economy.  He was surfing on craigslist when he stumbled across a trailer park that wanted trailers, so he explored the idea.  After becoming excited about trailers in general both as a consumer in Austin and as a business opportunity, he decided to embark on a unique trailer version of frozen yogurt.  Dustin says, “I love being my own boss and having my own trailer.  I really like customer service – I like interacting on a daily basis with customers and representing my brand as I want it to be represented.”