July 8, 2010


Mr. B was staring at his 77 model airstream that he wanted to make into a kitchen when he found himself in the trailer food business in May of 2008.  A retired veteran of close to 27 years of service in the US Army, Mr. B settled in Austin because of the liberal values and warm weather.

Contrary to popular belief ‘Mama’s’ is not named after Mr. B’s mother, although some of the recipes on the menu were learned from her expertise.   His crowd-favorite and personal preference is the Texas Cheese Steak, which is his own special creation.  “You have to change up things that the average vendor is doing.  Our motto is: we create we don’t duplicate.”  Other items on his menu include items he learned to cook from traveling and seeing how others produce things such as veggie burgers, veggie taco and a veggie dog, briskets, chicken, Texas fried rice, fried okra, French fires, gumbo and burgers.

Some words of wisdom on the trailer food lifestyle for the over 40’s group: “I’m up in that age to where you have to kind of create your own little thing because if not you’re going to be left out.  I don’t have staff, it’s just me basically.  If I make it I make it if not I don’t worry about it.”