July 6, 2010

Magic Madgies

CLOSED - 7/2010 - goodbye, Magic Madgie's

- Cuisine: German & BBQ

Culinary team Madgie Hollingsworth, Art Blondin and David Schulman got into the Austin Trailer Food business in the Spring of 2010 after many years in the service industry.  As the manager and voice of Magic Madgie's, David got his first job as a cook's helper in the 60's and like a lot of people, waited tables, tended bar, worked in kitchens and did catering.  His most recent food industry endeavors includes operating a hamburger stand called '3 Frogs Cafe' at State Park Beach on the Big Island in Hawaii. But the food industry isn't the only place David keeps busy; he is also a practicing attorney and a recovering musician.  Primarily he was a singer/bassist, but he also played guitar and almost all the brass.  In fact, it was at a musicians party here in Austin where David met his business partner and partner in life Madgie over ten years ago.  Was it his salmon marinated in jalapeno jelly that won her over?

Magic Madgie's Red Hot is serving up German and BBQ sandwiches, as well as hot dogs, frito pies and other specialty items.  David's favorite is the Schnitselwich, which is a thin chicken cutlet served on pumpernickel bread with homemade sauerkraut, german style mustard and carmelized onions.  All of their sauerkraut, potato salad, and red cabbage is homemade right on the trailer.

The team from Magic Madgie's has some pertinent advice for other trailer food vendors out there:  "When you figure out how to do all three:  good cooking, general business practice, and inexpensive food, you've got it figured out.  The food business is not for the weak at heart."