July 6, 2010


Gourghdough's owners and real estate company partners Ryan Palmer and Paula Samford got their first taste of the food industry when they opened their donut trailer for business during the Austin City Limits Music Festival in October of 2009.  So how did the two stumble into the trailer food industry? In Ryan's words, "It was kind of by luck.  We would have long weekends where we'd be working and show property all day without eating - we'd be starving.  (Paula's) mom and grandmom used to make her doughnuts that were simple with cinnamon and sugar.  We would make those as an indulgent thing at the house.  We started making them for friends and they started suggesting different ideas and before we knew it we had a notebook full of ideas."  Although Paula grew up in Wimberley where her mother Brenda owned the Burger Barn for 10 years, Brenda and her mother are from el Campo.

With over 20 delectable over sized options to choose from out of the '78 Sovereign Airstream 30 foot trailer, it's as hard to finish one as it is to pick one out.  Porky's is Ryan's favorite.  It has whipped cream cheese (not sweet) injected with jalapeno jelly and is topped with grilled Canadian bacon.  He also suggests the Funky Monkey, which he was inspired by New Orleans, where he had lived for five years.  The Funky Monkey is based on the bananas foster concept but on a doughnut: cream cheese icing, grilled bananas with brown sugar.  The Flying Pig is their best seller.  It's the one with bacon and maple syrup icing.

And in case you didn't catch the play on words, "Gourdoughs" is meant to signify 'gourment dough' while also using the Spanish word 'gordo' which means fat.  Fat you will get if you make this a regular stop, but don't let the calories scare you; the calories in Gourdough's donuts is reduced by half when eaten with a friend.