July 29, 2010

Austin Daily Press

- Location:  Downtown - Red River & 9th St. 
- Hours: Tuesday -Saturday: 8 PM - 3 AM
- Telephone: 512-644-2959
- Website: www.austindailypress.com / Facebook: Austin Daily Press / Twitter: AUSdailypress
- Cuisine: Pressed Sandwiches

Cory Nunez was traveling through Austin from his hometown of St. Simmons Islands, Georgia, visiting his brother when he decided to park it here permanently.  He worked at his chef-brother’s restaurant for a few months before eventually opening up his own Austin Daily Press with his business partner Amy Hildenbrand.  At first, they did a lot of deliveries of hot sandwiches to people’s bar stools from his downtown location.  57 different bars were the recipients of Austin Daily Press delivery, and the team anticipates getting back into their delivery aspect with an emphasis on green via their new electric scooters. 

Meanwhile, back at the trailer, Cory recommends the Steak and eggs which has Munster with Habanero Cream Cheese or the Baloney Sandwich.  Their Gyro is another crowd favorite which is a play on the wrap containing Israeli salad with lemon juice and parsley plus Tabasco(TM), Tzatziki  and Feta cheese all grilled on a fresh sandwich.  You can hear Amy & Cory cooking to the tunes of 70s and 80s jams such as Hall and Oates, Billy Joel, Huey Lewis and the News, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and beyond.  Cory & Amy have served Elijah Wood, Drew Barrymore, the entire cast of ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, and a ton of UT football guys out of their trailer.