July 17, 2010


Matthew (the Muck of Muck-n-Daves) remembers an old barrel smoker their family had under a pecan tree behind his house in Pleasant Grove, Texas when he was a kid where the men would bar-b-que and the women would dish up the fixins and sides.  He and his nephew Dave had experience winning the hearts of their family as BBQ enthusiasts prior to opening their food trailer on the popular food cart park on South Congress in March of 2010.  In fact, the pair had always talked about doing BBQ competitions with a mobile smoker when they retired, but as fate would have it they came across a good deal on a trailer and decided to realize their dreams a little faster.  With the help of some skilled welders and electricians they were able to create a unique detachable screened in area for their 800 pound grill designed for easy transport. 
Although sandwiches are their best-sellers since finger food is a popular portable lunch item, Matthew confides it’s his brisket that is really the king of the menu if you have time to sit down for a mid day picnic.  In addition to his love of cooking BBQ, it’s his customers who make the job worthwhile.  Matthew shares, “ It’s watching people take the first bite of my food and shake their head like ‘oh yeah, that’s what I m talking about’ – it’s rewarding for me.  I could work all day and all night and it’s that moment when I see someone take a bite and they cant even talk they just agree with shaking heads.  That’s why I do it.  That’s the moment when it comes full circle.”