July 6, 2010

FN Goode Burgers

Open since July 2009, business partners Ricardo Gutierrez and Aaron Blair have a combined 25 years experience in the food industry.  Before they knew each other each had dropped out of college independently to pursue culinary school at Texas Culinary Academy here in Austin.  The two had been working together for five years or so over at Cafe Josie here in Austin before starting their own business.  While Aaron is the chef and Ricardo manages the business, they both like working with the customers to get feedback and making sure everyone is having a goode time. 

 With a pub grub concept of 50s diner meets punk rock, FN Goode burgers has all the items you would expect on a diner menu but a little edgier.  They grind their own beef and form their burgers.  A local baker does their buns.  And with a name like FN Goode, their burgers have to stand up to some pretty high standards.  Ricardo's personal favorite is the bacon cheeseburger, while Aaron goes for the meatloaf sandwich.  Their best seller is hands down the quarter pound cheeseburger with fries - everyone loves a FN goode burger.
From Social Distortion and the Ramones to Frank Sinatra and from restaurant industry professionals to sorority gatherings, the music being played is as eclectic as the crowd who enjoys the cuisine.  The biggest celebrity to visit thus far was General Ricardo Sanchez, who led the US army when Sadam Hussein was captured.  General Sanchez is from South Texas and married one of Ricardo's Dad's high school class mates.  He and his wife came in and saluted the cheeseburgers.