July 17, 2010

Phoebe's Mud

After Jonathan and Melissa Insley had had enough of the East Coast weather, they flew down to meet ‘liberal, unpretentious’ Austin for a change of pace with Phoebe, their King Charles Cavalier.  You guessed right, Phoebe is the namesake for Phoebe’s Mud.  She is the color of their caramel mocha latte (with homemade whip and caramel sauce on top) and we are told Phoebe is as sweet as the drink she looks like.    ‘Mud’ is in there with good reason too; it is slang for strong coffee.  Jonathan and Melissa  put it this way, “We believe in strong coffee.  Weak coffee is inexcusable.”

Whether it’s a mocha banana frap or a strawberry banana smoothie, the Insley’s can’t seem to make them fast enough.  They are in a roving tricked out 2006 Chevy truck and provide reliably strong coffee without a bitter taste and refreshing smoothies to their customers all over the city.   As part of the Phoebe’s Mud evolution, three of their drinks are named after customers: Joyce, Brock, and Gracie.  In addition to roaming to various lucky locations throughout Austin, the Mud truck is also part of the Staving Art Studios and EAT on East Ceasar Chavez.  This unique spot is a blend of food trailers, local art, film, music and other artistic endeavors.

Neither Insley were experienced in the food and beverage industry prior to Phoebe’s Mud.  In their former lives in
Hoboken, New Jersey, Jonathan was an entrepreneur dabbling in multiple projects and Melissa was in the clothing industry with a European company.  When asked what they like best about their coffee truck delivery endeavor, Jonathan says, “I look forward to working.  It’s a great satisfying feeling when you know someone is relying on your coffee/smoothie to get through the day.  I’m genuinely excited to serve people and I’m always excited to go work.”  Rest assured coffee and smoothie drinkers, as a sufficient amount of quality control is being done throughout the day by the management to ensure your happiness.