July 17, 2010

Good Bike Cafe

“We feature locally handcrafted food & beverages, Cuvee direct-trade organic & single-origin roasted beans, Grand Cru espressos and the best darn Cuban coffee in town,” is the Good Bike Café way.  Originally from Miami, co-owner Mike Hanna’s parents owned a restaurant for 20 years and as such, he went through every position and area of the food industry from waiter to sous chef, general managing to bar tending and beyond.  Since his father spent some time living in Jamaica, he features an authentic spiced Jamaican jerk.  They are also serving up creative concoction including medieranean roasted lamb wraps and a tabouleh and hummus that will impress any hunger pang.  Regardless of their rich and tasty lunches, the Cuban coffee is hands down their best seller and crowd favorite.

Primarily because their theme and concept is Islander, you’ll hear music from different regions of the Caribbean and Jamaica including reggae, latin flare and even Mediterranean sounds when you bike up to order at this trailer in the UT campus area.  Their ’09 trailer was previously used as a coffee and hot dog cart prior to the Good Biker’s revamping and repurposing it.