August 31, 2010

86 This

- Location: Outlier - 108 East Main St. / Pflugerville - @Hanovers Draught Haus
- Hours: Thursday - Saturday: 6 PM - 1 AM
- Telephone: 512-284-5825
- Website: / Facebook: Eighty Six This / Twitter: 86this

- Cuisine: Sandwiches & Burgers - menu rotates

Business partners Michelle & Mark had a similar love for the hustle and bustle of the food industry when they met working at a local tex mex restaurant here in Austin.  While Mark’s resume includes everything from prep work in the kitchens to front of the house serving food and alcohol, he realized he wanted to be a restaurateur during the time he was in culinary school.  Michelle has been a hostess and waitress and really enjoys event coordinating alongside their trailer vending endeavors.

Rather than offering a set menu, the ‘86 This’ menu concept is developing organically.  Mark offers a unique perspective to the question “Whats for lunch?”   In his words, “I see so many vendors trying to hang their hat on one specific dish or sauce, and I wanted to let things develop.  Our menu for South by Southwest was street food type fare things to walk away; when we parked at Hanovers, we did more bar food.  We aren’t stuck with anything.  We are kind of open; we are caterers and we can make everything from our truck.”   His personal favorite item on the menu is ‘the multitasker’ which was developed from his mother’s recipe of a roasted brisket and mashed potato sandwich.  Michelle loves their cheeseburgers.

They worked with Felix of ‘Kitchen on Wheels’ in
New Braunfels when it was time to find their trailer.  Interestingly, Felix had found a their current box in North Carolina.  It was one he had previously worked on and sold, but he found it again with all the bare bones in place. 

The pair is very positive about the trailer food movement in
Austin.  “Everytime we see a new food trailer – we are happy for them, even if it’s a half hearted attempt.  We want to be in the scene because we are caterers and festival people.  You never know who is thinking outside of the box.  Don’t be scared to follow your dreams.”