December 22, 2010

Table for One - Not Anymore

I recently stumbled upon this popular tumblr site: Table for One and it got me thinking.  We weren't meant to eat alone.  We were made to create and share food together.  As primitive people, we hunted in groups and gathered in groups and cooked and ate in groups.  It's in our DNA.  Yet so many of us eat in isolation either becuase it's faster or easier than preparing a meal for one.  I will admit there are times in life when eating alone is the way to go, like if you're sick, or if you just want to hunker down with a good book and hearty snacks.  And I'm not suggesting that every meal needs to be shared here in the 21st century hectic lifestyle.  Rather, I am encouraging you to eat one less meal alone this week.  Find a meal buddy and cook something together, or get a group together and eat something local.   
Facing a meal 'alone' is often the reason I resort to protein shakes over a wholesome meal. It's no fun cooking for one. I'm not much of a leftover-eater anyways. A potential 'meal alone' is also something that prevents me from my duty of trying new trailer food. So to remedy my newly acknowledged conundrum I am going to take one person to lunch at least once a week in 2011. Join me at the trailers!

These pictures were taken from my first trailer food crawl in Austin, TX in February 2010.