August 6, 2011


Luis & Rachael are the only juicers in town using a special Cactus in their creations at the JuiceOver trailer.   Their original intent was to market this special variety of cactus (juice) as an all-natural hangover cure, but they soon transitioned out of the night life market and into the health market.  Their best seller is their original formula (and trailer's namesake).  It contains cactus with green apple, lemon, ginger and orange.  It is a wonderful detox drink and has a light, tart, citrus flavor.   Cactus, Luis tells me, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and the only plant that has all twenty-four anti-oxidants in it.  Their original formula has helped alleviate joint and arthritis issues for Luis, who is able to work in the trailer for 12-14 hours/day.  The JuiceOver trailer is in a newly developing park on West 5th, close to Black Swan Yoga.  So after you get your Om on, head over to the JuiceOver for some added detox.