December 20, 2011

Battle on Burnet

Allow me to introduce guest-blogger Kelly Beener, who was able to attend the Battle on Burnet while I was in Portland collecting food cartopia recipes for the Portland edition of the Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook.  Thank you Kelly! I know it was a tough assignment :) ~ Tiffany Harelik

Battle on Burnet
~Guest-blogger Kelly Beener

Bacon lovers flocked to last night's Battle on Burnet, for a showdown between Peached Tortilla and Roll On Sushi. Participants were pigging out to a 3 round tasting course featuring the salty meat of bacon and casting their votes for the favorite dish of the night.

Why bacon? "It's a great anytime kind of meat, and it improves the flavor of almost any dish" was a common theme amongst tasters. Eyes lit up and mouths dropped in eagerness to get the first tasty bites.

Chef, and owner Eric Silverstein of Peached Tortilla knocked it out of the park with pork belly and shrimp stuffed wonton's. A classic dish prepared by his mother growing up, known as "Mom's Wonton's".

I'm a total bacon snob, and I was truly excited to see what else unique was going to come out of the kitchen using the traditional ingredients from both Peached Tortilla and Roll On Sushi.

And there it came… the B.L.T.G. A take on the traditional Bacon Lettuce Tomato sammie, but rolled up sushi style. The fried green tomato and avocado encased in bacon, nori, and sushi rice was a clear winner for me. Koodos to Chip and Chad Reed, owners of Roll on Sushi. 

The 3rd round did a pork number on us! Roll On Sushi brought out "The Elvis"… peanut butter, bacon, banana, wrapped in a crispy egg roll wrap. Served with a duel of chocolate and ancho chili dust.

The pig product boared it's way into our culture last night.  Think P.I.G.

The mobile food truck Peached Tortilla serving up Asian and Southern influenced cuisines. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter for there roaming locations:

Roll On Sushi aims to provide a unique, affordable sushi fusion experience. Check them out here:

Look for more Battle on Burnet events! Support local, community, and charities. Flatwater Foundation was a special guest of the evening. Half of ticket sales were donated to this important cancer cause.