June 13, 2012

Taco de Paco

After getting pulled over in the swamp and getting lost, I had the good fortune of meeting up with Aaron Brown, head chef of Taco de Paco.  "Who's Paco?" I asked him.  "That's me," he said, two thumbs pointing towards his chest.  This Baton Rouge truck was originally used during Katrina to feed Fema workers and the homeless but it's purpose now is slinging really good tacos.

Y'all know living in Texas I can spot a good taco when I see one: whenever I stop at a 'taco' truck, I raise a skeptical eyebrow.  I would hazard to guess I've eaten several hundred pounds of tacos in my life and it takes more than sriracha to impress these taste buds.  You see where I'm going with this.  These were the real deal.  I had the "Dat Foo": slow roasted pulled pork, chinese hoisin sauce, thai slaw, topped with spicy Sriracha chili sauce and washed it down with a "Juan": grilled angus steak, roasted corn and jalapeƱo black bean salsa, lemon creme fresh and fresh cilantro.  Chef Aaron tells me he's made the likes of fried green tomato tacos, steak and lobster tacos, and gumbo tacos.  There is more to this taco truck than meets the eye, and I look forward to sharing their recipes and histories in the Best of the US edition of the Trailer Food Diaries cookbook series.

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