October 18, 2012

The Melting Cone: Austin's newest ice cream truck!

The Melting Cone is one of Austin's newest ice cream truck concepts and will be launching this November at F1.  I had the chance to bend owner Doug Lyon's ear about his truck.

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?I love regular Milk Chocolate ice cream….I can't eat enough of it. If you throw in pecans I may have to be rushed to a hospital.

Your love of ice cream started before this food truck.  Tell us about your experience with the Austin Ice Cream Festival:

I founded the Austin Ice Cream Festival six years ago because of my kids and my love for ice cream. There was not a real kids festival in Austin where the music wasn't so loud and everyone was pounding a beer around you. We really felt the need for a family friendly event in Austin and it has shown with all of our success from Food Network, MTV, Joey Chestnut (Hot Dog Eating Champ) coming to eat in our ice cream eating contest and even international press.

Why did you start an ice cream truck?I also have always loved cones since I was a kid, which is why I helped create The Melting Cone. The Melting Cone has the best flavored waffle cones you have had, including Jalapeño and Cinnamon. We coat them or dip them with all kinds of great toppings including Pop Rocks, peppermint, almonds and nuts, and all kinds of other great goodies. I have partnered with Tim Joyner from Austin Scoops. Tim is an an incredible "Ice Cream Man" and can make some of the best ice cream you have ever had. his experience was a big part of me wanting to do this.

What separates your cones from others?
The thing that separates us is our cones and toppings. You will not find these types on incredibly tasty combinations anywhere. We will also be launching unique flavors only available at The Melting Cone….so stay tuned.

Before ice cream, what were you doing?
I studied Advertising at the University of Texas and have always had fun branding and creating cool things including the original packaging for Sweet Leaf Tea and a lot of work for Freebirds World Burrito and Southwest Airlines. So, it was a LOT of fun designing and building a truck with a melting cone on top. It has won Best of Show at a national mobile vehicle convention.

Who are your ice cream heroes?
My ice cream heroes are Ben & Jerry's. They were the first I know to really leap into seriously creative flavors and combinations. I would love to see their facility and meet these guys.

Which food truck person would you most like to meet?The Food Truck person I would love to meet is David Weber. I have been to a seminar he was a speaker at, but would love to sit down and have a cone with him.