June 6, 2010

Sugarstar Cupcakes

Sugarstar's owner Kristin Gunn describes her goth pastry creations as a 'Martha meets Metallica' kind of treat.   Not your ordinary cupcakes, Sugarstar custom cupcakes range in creativity from modeling after pets, tattoos, skulls and crossbones, jelly beans, company logos and eclectic takes on the traditional treat.  Kristin's cupcakes have been served to Courtney Love among other musical guests.  Her personal favorite is their 'red devil', which is her special recipe for an ultra dense moist, red velvet.  In fact, that seems to be the crowd favorite as well.  Kristin and her cupcake gurus are inspired by unique blends of flavor and funkadellic creations.  For example, she has a maple/bacon cupcake and another green tea cupcake that was a collaboration of ideas from a friend of hers who lives in Japan.

Kristin confesses it was her late night ebay habit where she found Sugarstar's landmark trailer, which is a 1964 Shasta trailer.  She saw it online, bid on it, and woke up the next morning a trailer owner.  Even though it was in Chicago and it was December, the previous owner delivered it right to her front door.  Their outdoor locations are dog friendly and they even keep some dog treats behind the counter for your canine companions.  People of all ages enjoy cupcakes, so they have a broad customer base.  Kristin notes their busiest time starts around 3pm when everyone is in an energy slump and looking for a sweet fix. So the next time you need a quirky pick me, head over to Sugarstar where you can find heavily tattooed pastry artists mixing up something fabulously funky to the sound of some 80's new wave tunes.