June 22, 2010

Trailer Perk

Working and living on the ‘East side’, Monica and Kasey MaGee found themselves looking for something else for breakfast and lunch.  Although they love their breakfast tacos like any red-blooded Texan, they wanted variety.  Opening Trailer Perk presented an opportunity for first-time restaurateurs to enter the food industry in a realistic and feasible approach. 

Monica and Kasey met at the Ritz downtown when they were in college at the University of Texas.  Upon their graduation, they moved to the big apple where there was an international variety of food at their fingertips on every street corner.  Four years later, they were ready to return to the city where they met to enjoy the outdoors, canoeing and gardening.  Each has their own individual businesses, but this is their only business where they are both active partners. 

When you walk up to their 1969 Airstream to order, you’ll hear NPR playing in the background for a touch of sophistication in the park.  Monica’s favorite item on the menu is the Trashy Melt, which offers ham, cheddar, chipotle mayo and avocado pressed.  While Kasey’s favorite is the sandwich he named after himself.  The Kasey Shane consists of provolone, chimmichurra, roast beef, and lettuce on wheat.  While these two sandwiches are excellent choices, Monica reports it is their Aunt Francis that is the best-seller.  This features their homemade pesto on top of turkey, swiss, sprouts, and tomato on sourdough.  In addition to homemade pesto, they also make their own chimmichurri and hummus at the Trailer Perk.  The best part of it all for the MaGee’s is seeing all the faces and getting to know people in their community.