February 3, 2011

the cookbook is coming! the cookbook is coming!

Trailer Foodie fans, I am super excited to announce the Trailer Food Diaries: Cookbook is coming to bookshelves near you in 2011!  Would you like to know how Patika Coffee brews their single cup pourover so you can treat your sweetheart to a cup of joe in bed?  Want to try your hand at baking Cutie Pie's Fredericksburg Peach Blackberry Pie for your next bridal shower?  How about impressing the guests with Royito's famous guacamole dip for a superbowl party?  Spice it up at your next dinner party with a Thai Chicken Karaage recipe from the East Side King himself or serve up a rotisserie chicken with onion marmelade from the Jalopy.  Hungry?  Stay tuned for info on pre-purchasing this unique cookbook that combines good food, pretty pictures, and special stories.  You can get on our email list by emailing: tiffany@trailerfooddiaries.com