May 16, 2011

Eat Street is coming to Austin May 17-21

Hit TV series Eat Street is filming right here in Austin, Texas this week.  I'm honored to be part of the Austin-trailer-foodie team that the crew from  Food Network Canada will be featuring.  Here are some fun opportunites to come out and support the local trailer food scene while they are being featured.  Meet me at the Jalopy tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2p!

Tuesday, May 17th
The Jalopy: Lunch:  Noon – 2pm
Mike from will be interviewed at the big 18-wheeler at 1pm, and yours truly will be interviewed  live  starting at 2p. 

Tiff's pick - The Gaad Thai  Chicken Sandwich (We have this recipe in the Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook!) mmmmm- peanut sauce, cilantro, sriracha, pickled onions- $6.... Says the Jalopy Menu online:  "Created in adoration of a super cool guy named Ryan Gaad. Our love for him, and for spicy peanut sauces are unmatched and incontrollable. With that, we have created one of our most popular sandwiches replicating a Thai sauce typically used in stir fry or marinade but just so happens to miraculously meld together with our onions and cilantro to deliver a blissful combination of flavor."

Wednesday, May 18thThe Evil Wiener: Lunch:  Noon – 2pm
Tiff's pick: These guys are still new, but the Revolucion Dog is going to be their best-seller.  It's also a favorite among the owners, as it's namesake is a street on the main drag in Tijuana where they had their first bites of a bacon-wrapped hot dog.  The Evil Wiener's version of the Revolucion is a frank wrapped in bacon with mustard, mayo, ketchup, pico de gallo and tapatillo sauce on top 

Thursday, May 19th
Cazamance: Dinner: 5pm – 7pm
Tiff's pick: Whatever Iba is making! I haven't had a bad Cazamance experience yet.  Keep your fingers crossed for steak, or go with the bunny chow which is a staple on his menu. 

Friday, May 20th
East Side King, Liberty Dinner: 5pm – 7pm
Chef Moto’s band will be playing after the dinner rush
Tiff's pick: I've got their recipe for Thai Chicken Karaage but it tastes better when they do it... – $8....Deep fried chicken thigh with sweet & spicy sauce, fresh basil, cilantro, mint, onion, and jalapeño.

Saturday, May 21st
Pig Vicious - Dinner: 6pm – 9pm
Tiff's pick: The Mescaline High Hat will make you squeal.  A quesadilla with smoked bacon, spicy homemade sauce, tomato, cheese and avocado. Things that make you go mmmmm.