May 5, 2011

Where can you get rattlesnake sausage? Wurst Tex

Confesison: Part of my colorful past includes a stint in the snake pits of Sweetwater, Texas competing in the Rattlesnake Roundup beauty pageant and scholoarship awards.  (Thats a picture of me in high school holding one of the rattlers just before 'milking' it's venom in that little glass dish.)  So! I was thrilled to talk to Sam Raver of Wurst Tex, who is serving up this West Texas tradition in a sausage.
Without a wealth of culinary expertise, Sam and fiancĂ©e Leslie along with Sam’s step-Dad set out for a new chapter of their lives and developed a straightforward sausage concept for their first shot at the trailer food business. Their menu of exotic game sausages, however, is miles from the standard bratwurst experience. From rattlesnake, venison, rabbit, duck and more to regular sausages and extraordinary vegetarian options the Wurst Tex menu is truly unique.

The ‘predator and prey’ is Sam’s personal favorite. It contains rattlesnake, rabbit and pork with jalapenos.  Two fun options for vegetarians that look like real sausage links are the ’04 delight’,a combination of smoked apples, sage and potatoes, and the ‘Veggiano’, which contains eggplant, fennel and garlic.