June 19, 2011

Snow Cones! .... Part 1

It's hot here in the capitol city and one of our favorite summer past times is to stop for a snow cone to cool off.  In efforts to provide you with the city's best snow cone, I took a quick text-poll to see what my friends' favorite flavors and trailers were.  The results?  Everyone loves the watermelon snow cone at Sno-Beach on Barton Springs Road. 

Jared Tennant Photography: JTpics.com
Now I'll be honest.  I've never ordered a watermelon snow cone.  The thought hadn't crossed my mind.  But now that friends from all walks of life are telling me it's their favorite, I'll be on a mission to find the best watermelon snow cone of the season.  My personal favorite has always been the creamsicle, and I can be found ordering it at the little stand in Tarrytown.  If your snow cone trailer doesn't have creamsicle, don't worry - you can create it using half orange and half vanilla flavors.  Here are some more of the local favorites:
  • Fan favorite:  Watermelon from Sno-Beach
  • Other Sno-Beach favorites: Blueberry, Tiger's Blood, Cherry, Mango, Blue Coconut, sugar-free Grapefruit, Strawberry
  • Jim Jim's: Strawberry Lemonade, Mango, Watermelon, 
  • Kasey's New Orleans Sno Balls:Strawberry & Banana with cream
  • South Austin Sno: Sour Grape
  • Moonieburger in Pflugerville: Watermelon
  • Disch-Falk Field: Dreamsicle (that's from my UT-baseball-lovin' Aunt Tootie!)
Go ahead, sing it - 'The Heat is ON! The Heat is ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-on, the heat is.... ON!"