July 9, 2011

License to Chill .... kolache snow cones! (part 3 in the snow cone series)

On my way to Taste of Dallas, we saw a cool trailer by the Czech Stop in West, Texas.  Naturally, I stopped in to get the story.  License to Chill was built from the ground up by three enterprising friends who recently graduated from West High School.  They opened this May (2011) with some pretty creative flavors.  Taking advantage of their heritage and what West is most popularly known for, License to Chill's best seller is the kolache-flavored snow cone.  Pick any flavor you want, and make it kolache-style by adding the sticky gooey sweet cream that they make in a criss-cross pattern over your snow cone, and sprinkle with posipka (Czech sugary froo froo).  The owners have their own suggestions for what to get under the kolache topping: red velvet cake, mango, and creamsicle rank among their favorites.