July 11, 2011

Summer in a Cup - part 4 in the snow cone series

 To the left, we have.... summer in a cup! There are many sounds that remind me of summer: the locusts, the hum of the pool cleaner, the neighbors' lawnmower.  There are many flavors that remind me of summer too - and South Austin Sno has put all of the special flavors of summer in one radical snow cone that they are calling "Summer in a Cup".  This is their best-seller during summer, and contains mango, pineapple, and tiger's blood (which is a blend of strawberry and coconut flavors).  Then, they add a squeeze of fresh lime that really makes it a unique cup of snow.  Yum!

South Austin Sno is in their 7th season this summer.  The business started as a St. Ed's economic project, and has now expanded to two snow cone trailers.