February 10, 2012

Dock and Roll

Trailer foodies, if you know me at all you know my heart is to inspire entrepreneurs to live the American Dream.  Man was my heart (and belly) full when I left the Dock and Roll trailer earlier this week.  I met with native Austinite's Lee Krassner, Adam Lewis and Daniel Dennis who opened the Dock and Roll trailer after most of the summer heat had passed last fall (August 2011) with the only lobster roll food truck concept in town.    With Lee as the culinary expert, Daniel in personal training and Adam in real estate, these home town boys are the perfect storm for greatness in the trailer food industry.

The Maine Event is naturally their best-selling sandwich.  Although Adam does lobster and conch dives in the Bahamas every year, their sandwiches feature a mixture of wild caught lobster from the North East and lobster from Austin Seafood tossed and seasoned with their signature mayo and topped with chopped chives.  It had huge chunks of meat (no shreddy business) and with the addition of an Old Bay lemon butter melted in the fresh baked bread from (local) Swetish Hill, I'm just not sure it's possible to make a better tasting lobster roll.  Adam and Lee were adamant I tell them the 'truth' of how it tasted.  They are passionate about having a product you will love, so public commentary is welcome.    

Not into lobster? That's cool. Go for the Infidel Castro or the Blue Bahn-ett if you like pork, or try the SouthWestlake for a chicken-inspired sandwich.  Their jalapeño mac n cheese poppers are quite a side attraction and of course, they offer a bacon love sandwich for you bacon lovers.

THEY HAVE THEIR OWN GARDEN! How Austin-appropriate, right? Their Gypsy Habanero Sauce, made from homegrown Gypsy and Habanero peppers took third place in last year's Hot Sauce Festival.

On a personal note, I was amazed to learn that Adam's heritage was also Russian Jewish.  His ancestors undoubtedly did business with mine, as they both came in through Galveston in the late 1800's and were both involved in the banana trade.  I'm a little longer in the tooth than Adam, so we didn't know each other growing up, but we went to the same schools.  My great-grandfather was much of the inspiration behind Trailer Food Diaries because he took a leap of faith to start a new way of life and it all began with a mobile food cart.  I see the same spark with all the trailer food vendors out there taking a leap of faith to pursue happiness.  The Dock and Roll guys are a great example of good people living their version of the Dream.  Go give them your business and tell them Tiffany sent ya.