February 24, 2012

Via 313: Authentic Detroit Style Pizza

Brothers Brandon and Zane Hunt opened Via 313 food trailer with a concept from back home: Detroit-style pizza.  After several years in the service industry the brothers Hunt went to San Francisco and trained under Pizzaioli and Master instructor Tony Gemignani, an Italian chef who gave them VPN certification.  They make the dough fresh daily and while hot slices are readily available, each pizza is baked to order.

So let me answer your burning questions: what exactly is Detroit-style pizza and is there room for another pizza joint in Austin?  Well, the answer to the latter is absolutely!  I love square-shaped pizza with cheesy edges and the sense of humor flying around the trailer was bonus.

“People living in Detroit don’t really know that other people are calling it Detroit-style, it’s just the way the pizza is up there,” Brandon tells me.  “The pans are industrial steel pans used for automotive parts in Detroit.  They hold heat perfectly.  The bread comes out like a focaccia, with caramelized cheese all the way to the edge of the pie.  And the pizzas are square, with sauce on top.” 

The Cloverleaf is a Detroit establishment from the 50’s era known best for it’s desirable square-shaped pizza.  The first franchise owner of the restaurant coined the phrase ‘Detroit style pizza’, we think.  In addition  to the Cloverleaf, the brothers Hunt are inspired by great pizzas from their youth in the Motor City: Buddy's, Loui's and Niki's.  

You can currently find the Via 313 pizza trailer located outside of the Violet Crown bar on East 6th and Waller, or find them online: http://via313.com/ - they are delivering in the '02 and open Tuesday - Saturday for dinner and late night grubbin'.   The '313' business was Detroit's first area code, in case you were still wondering.