March 31, 2011

the Evil Wiener & "Feed the Soul" trailer park

Tex-mex weiner
I missed opening day yesterday, but I was there for the evil wiener's 2nd day of official business at 15th and Rio Grande for a late lunch today.  I met with owners Anna Cummins and Roger Zapata who along with their spouses and their combined 6 children created this recent hot dog truck.  Although they have only been open one day they can tell the Revolucion Dog is going to be a best-seller.  It's also a favorite among the owners, as it's namesake is a street on the main drag in Tijuana where they had their first bites of a bacon-wrapped hot dog.  The Evil Wiener's version of the Revolucion is a frank wrapped in bacon with mustard, mayo, ketchup, pico de gallo and tapatillo sauce on top.  I had the Tex-Mex, which includes Roger's carne guisada, cheese and a spicy jalapeno relish that had me reaching for a coke.  My daughter Callie had the french fries, seasoned with 'evil dust'.  For that recipe Roger said would have to kill me, and since he was a marine for 20 years, I'll take his word for it.

Anna's husband Jeff has more than 15 years experience in fine dining.  It was Jeff and Roger who created the evil wiener concept over beers one night, after having worked in the kitchen together.  One thing Anna stressed to me was the importance of putting their families first.  In her words,"The restaurant industry takes you away from your family, so we decided family first, then food."  Their kids have been part of the research and development with family dinner parties and have some summer jobs to look forward to in the trailer.

Anna and crew will be managing the "Feed the Soul" trailer park which is owned by St. Martin's Lutheran Church (across the street).  There will be a total of 8 trailer vendors and the park will be open for business in mid-April complete with picnic tables, trees, public restrooms and shade trees.  She said their would be diverse and unique food trucks including mexican enchiladas/burritos, tacos, philly cheesesteaks, and more to be released soon.  We wish the 'feed the soul' vendors the best of luck in a great new location downtown!