March 15, 2011

SXSW trailer opportunities and fun finds

SXSW stands for "South by South West" - it's is THE coolest interactive and music event that takes place over Spring Break in Austin, Texas.  For some who live here and are frustrated by the influx of traffic, the initials stand for so, by so what.  For those who are thrilled the global music and itneractive scene has showed up at their back door, it's 'hell by hell yesss'.  Either way, SXSW is happening in Austin this week and I've already had some incredible opportunties in trailer food land that I wanted to share right away.  But before I get to my 'finds', I wanted to make sure to share three super fun things:

 1 - Our Trailer Food Diaries printed GUIDE/DIRECTORY is free! and it's out!  I gave 1,000 copies away yesterday and am doing the same volume all week long.  Many thanks to Torquil at October Custom Pubishing and Rusty at Ginny's Printing.  Thank you advertisers! (kindly email me if you'd like to adverstise in the fall directory:

2 - If you need ideas for trailer food vendors to visit while you're in town, check my new 'Tiff's picks' page at the top of this blog.... I have posted what our trailer food vendors recommend on where they like to eat.  It's a bit of a cop out so I don't have to answer that dreaded question (what's your favorite trailer) - but, it works.

3 - TRAILER FOOD CRAWL TO BENEFIT LUCKY J'S CHICKEN & WAFFLES - THIS FRIDAY 3/18/11 - I love our trailer food community here in ATX - about 30 vendors are donating a portion of their sales to go to a vendor in need, who had a particularly rough last year with the loss of his youngest son to cancer, the loss of his marriage, a trailer that got stolen on Christmas and not to mention the 'normal; bumps in the road.  Jason Umlas, owner of Lucky J's has a positive attitude about his future and has recently opened a brick and mortar restaurant in addition to his trailer(s) (which, to clear up any misconceptions was a gift to him).  See subsequent post for a list of participating trailers.

Backing up into the fun I've stirred up already...

Chi'Lantro bulgogi beef fries
I was at 3rd and Colorado with  Torchy's Tacos, Chi'Lantro BBQ, and Coolhaus Ice Cream - all = yum.  I've been eating with these guys for a year now, but my favorite 'new' thing I tried was the chicken quesadillas at Chi'Lantro, which tasted like bbq chicken but asian with gooey cheddar cheese and a perfectly crisped buttery tortilla.  Executive Chef "Bex" popped her head through the window for a spell - tell her trailer food diaries sent you if you check out Chi'Lantro this week (as you well should!).  You can find them on twitter

Kimberly, Tiff, Marla, Joni
The pork experiment on Sunday was not a boar (insert laugh).  I met my freind Kimberly Key, author and blogger for Psychology Today, who connected with many of the pork foodies with her love of bread pudding (yes, there is a bread pudding recipe involving bacon).  Mentor and friend Marla Camp, publisher of Edible Austin, was there judging.  Although I don't know her favorites of the day, I'm going to say "not that Martha" was tops on my list.   On a personal note, I loved that not-that-martha and her partner Jo are 6 months into a 'year' of not eating out and not buying new clothes.  (They both looked great, and the food was SO good - I'm hoping for a dinner invite soon!).  Also pictured was new friend Joni, who was there with Chameleon Cold Brew, newly launched organic fair trade coffee company here in ATX.
Tif & co-founder Nick Suarez

Torchy's with ATX sky line

I spent some time promoting Royito's hot sauce with my Royito's friends at a fun GSD&M/google event.  If you haven't heard about what Roy Spence of GSD&M is doing to work his way down the corporate ladder with his hot sauce company, and you haven't tasted the salsa yet - check out the story and the sauce before you get out of town.  Inspired by lessons from his Dad, Royito's stands for entrepreneurialism and supports small businesses.  Royito's is kind of like the Tom's Shoes of hot sauce, in that you have an immediate feel-good, do-good, be-good effect when you eat it (plus it's the best salsa in Texas if you ask me).  In short, the Royito's 'lessons' as I call them are to 1 - be kind to everyone, 2 - simplify your life, and 3 - don't do mild (in anything!).  Royito's is going to be giving away more free salsa (and beer and music) on St. Patty's day, curbside, at 6th and lamar.  Check out this cool airstream with a mission. 

Maria of the Flying Carpet
My friends the Flying Carpet were there serving delicious moroccan food alongside Mark Bradly of Ciao Chow Catering, Royito's and Coolhaus Ice Cream sandwiches at a very fun industry party.  Party in your pallette!

I helped bring some trailer food vendors to the Plutopia event which was themed with 'play' and held at the Mexican American Cultural Center.  Besides the trailers, the coolest thing there were some plants that had been flown in from France.  When you touched them, they played enchanting musical sounds.  I ate the pork banmhi slider and the pad thai taco from the Peached Tortilla, and sampled bbq and moonshine tea from Sugar Shack.  Torchy's had our amazing crew serving up green chile pork tacos, chicken fajita tacos and bean and cheese tacos.  And Jon with the Best Wurst brought his game with his fan favorite sausages.  Bloggers at the event attracted over 180,00 hits.  Stay tuned for more SXSW stories from trailer food land!
Eric of the Peached Tortilla and Tif