March 2, 2011

From Trailer to Brick and Mortar – examining the leap (+ trailer moves and updates)

Some trailer vendors start out with dreams of opening a brick and mortar restaurant, and some restaurateurs expand their businesses by opening trailers. For example, the incredibly successful Torchy’s Tacos started in a single taco trailer in 2006 and they now have 7 permanent restaurant locations throughout Texas. Conversely, Hat Creek Burgers started with their brick and mortar establishment and expanded business by taking their trailer to local sporting events.
One area of town is becoming the new spot for trailers to take up permanent residency in a restaurant setting; we’re talking about Burnet Road. Yep, Burnet Rd is blowing up with trailers that now have brick and mortars: Cutie Pie Wagon, Man Bites Dog, Lucky J’s, Hat Creek Burgers, & Hey Cupcake are on my radar. To the best of my knowledge, everyone is keeping their airstreams/trailers open, and are expanding their businesses with these new permanent addresses for restaurants:

• Cutie Pie Wagon: 7329 Burnet Rd

• Man Bites Dog: on Burnet road between Hancock and N. Loop road

• Lucky Js’ Chicken & Waffles: 5035 Burnet Rd

• Hat Creek Burgers: 5400 Burnet Rd

• Hey Cupcake: 5530 Burnet Road

Other trailers opening permanent locations:

• Odd Duck opened up a brick and mortar called Barley Swine on 2024 S. Lamar

• FN Goode Burger is opening “The Real Deal Kitchen”, their 2nd site, March 1st inside the Hold in the Wall. They will still have their trailer at the Local Pub and Patio (formerly Little Woodrow’s on the Drag).

• Franklin BBQ is moving out of the trailer and into their permanent home on 11th St

Other moves and additions in trailer food land:

• The Peached Tortilla is opening their second location on the drag at Dean Keaton and Guadalupe

• Smokilicious moved from South Congress/Gibson to the Crow Bar, 3116 S. Congress Ave., across from St. Edwards University

• The Flying Carpet – now open for lunches in addition to dinners with expanded menu